Monday, August 16, 2010

Panda Tambun ke Jakarta

17 Agustus 2010 - COMING SOON
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Thursday, August 05, 2010


I’m not feeling well. My throat hurts like burning hell and my voice box is more swollen than ever. It might have been worse, given the workplace is full of dust and the working environment is nowhere near hygiene.

It all started on Saturday night, when I was out for dinner with tgwinmg. I felt funny sensation in larynx area, and I spat phlegm. Without any indication. No pain anywhere, no runny nose, no infection, no coughing and noting wrong with my nasal passages.

So, just like the way I am, I ignored it. Wrong move, bastard.

Saturday night I slept like about only 2 hours before I was awaken due to the excruciating pain in my windpipe, my upper part of my throat. The pain is so unbearable I could not sleep. You know when you have sore throat, the worst condition is the part when you just woke up, isn’t it? Imagining that, I found a practical solution to avoid that part. By not sleeping.

The whole Sunday tgwinmg treated me with excessive indulgence. Did not even once urge about our original plan for Sunday shopping. Instead, she was preparing medications for me to take constantly. All I could remember was meal, medication time, bed time, and the cycle repeats. The medicine tasted bitter. The kind of medicine that made you don’t want to be sick again for the rest of your life. And I’m dead serious, it’s that bitter. Lucky that 2 liters of LoHanKuo did not taste that bad. Although the magic powder sprayed to the trachea tasted funny, too.

Long story short, I recovered enough to work on Monday. Life was that hectic. The colleagues noticed my voice changed. The Monday meeting went well, and the manager suggested me to see a doctor. Either the people in the workplace are caring and understanding or just selfish and don’t want to get infected, I went to see a doctor on Monday night.

The doctor was surprised I survived Sunday. He gave an applause to tgwinmg whom in his opinion should pursue higher education in healthcare. He gave me few types of pills and tabs, all sounds alien to me. And when I complained that I’ve gone through bitterness – literally – from Sunday’s traditional Chinese medicine, he gave me free lozenges.

And an off duty medical certificate for the next day.


PS: It’s difficult to write something blunt like this. Given you have made fun of your life for the past several years.