Monday, March 01, 2010


We shared good times, we shared bad times.

But, seriously, how many of you will come to my funeral?


lita said...

hooo... gara2 liat filem itu ya?

lita said...

... probably only some of those friends whose funeral you have not gone to..

nCy . vLa said...

seriously, hu..

although we've never met, i surely want and will come to your funeral.. your blog and posts accompanied me when i was in deep shit and they gave me lightness temporary from my mental pressure, and honestly, there were many days at that time when all i was doing all day was checking your blog, and if there's no new post, i came back every hour to check..

LOL.. yeah you can laugh.. i was completely pathetic that time..

if of course it's not sudden and i know how to and can get there.. if i miss the ceremony, i'll still come one day to visit your grave at least once..

the question is, how am i gonna find out about it? i hope someone from your inner-circle can inform me..

but yeah of course, if it turns out i'm going first, i will not make it there :D

cantika said...

"mama, aku mau ne SG!"
*syok* "ngapain?"
"ke pemakaman temenku"
"ngapain? tinggal jasadnya doang. NO WAY"
*duduk di sudut*

so, I 'm afraid that I wont come.
funeralnya tunggu deh ya ko.
sampe aku bisa buat uang sendiri.

Rocky said...

depends on who died first :D

suhu said...

haha sudah lama sih mikir e sejak liat Leverage pas Sophie pura-pura mati.

haha your first sentence sounds like you want me to die soon, indeed. nonetheless, glad I can help u shed some light in the darkness. Of course you are pathetic, only pathetic people read my blogs. Ha!

And I'll remember to let you know ,from my grave. Just in case my friend never inform you. Ha!

iya can, aku tunggu. Tapi hati-hati, di beberapa negara 'buat uang sendiri' itu ilegal.

with both of us studying and working at the same time, I think we both got fair chance. So I assume you'll take the honour to attend it? Y'know, I need to make a list, because the seats are on first-come-first-serve basis.

Rocky said...

when we attend something, there's always something to expect.
- wedding: catching the bouquet
- any kinds of awards: winning the awards
- graduation: piece of paper with your name on it
- arisan: dapet undian
- tempat ibadah: doa dikabulkan
- seminar: mangan gratis
- funeral: ?????

so, better to prepare something good and hella lot of people will come :D (maybe pole dancer with free drinks :p)

suhu said...

dude for me it was more like this

- wedding: mangan gratis
- any kinds of awards: mangan gratis
- graduation: mangan gratis
- arisan: kue gratis
- tempat ibadah: hosti gratis
- seminar: mangan gratis
- funeral: kwaci gratis