Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's Been a While

He went back to his construction site, the secondary school under renovation. His long working hours had grown tiresome. Even the excitement of waiting the paydays and of playing hide-and-seek with the bangla workers, even the delight of being promoted to higher position without higher pay did not make up for the long, lonely hours especially when the rain was pouring down like mad at him.

His life had been miserable. "Blame it to the society who portrays construction people as the lowest class of humankind", said him in whisper. In anger. He was standing outside the school General Office door. "Don't go inside, your shoes are dirty", he recalled what the receptionist had said to him. A simple truth that can scar a deep wound in his heart. His shoes were dirty, as always. As part of his job. Yeah it's clearly written in his contract, "to wear dirty shoes".

He patiently waited. His slot was supposed to be 1 o'clock. He was there 10 minutes beforehand despite always being late whenever meeting his girlfriend it's his precious lunchtime. "As long as the jobs get done", that's what he always said to his subordinates. He sacrificed his own lunchtime to arrange the items to be discussed in the meeting. The meeting which had not start even though 1 o'clock had long gone.

He didn't surrender. No signs of giving up, being treated like that. In his lonely waiting, he had fun by having intellectual conversation, with himself. Kind of pathetic, he knew. But he was the only person he can share his views with, for his harsh working environment didn't really require the brain. People saw him smiling at nothing. He was laughing at the sentence he had just made. A mind-tickling question. "Who educates the educators?"

He was disappointed with the teachers, the ministry, the whole structure of educated people who runs the system. Developing their future leader, as they may said. How could people expect our future leader to be responsible if their educator doesn't even know how to spell punctuality. It was not his first appointment. Many of the previous appointments was either delayed or cancelled last minute. Those prior succesful meetings were also not fruitful despite long hour waiting before he can even met the person-in-charge.

The reason was simple. The teacher got more important things at hand than meeting the contractor. It had always been that way. The respect he earned in his construction site didn't expand to the educated community. Apparently the uneducated ones knew more about manners. His workers understood that when somebody make a promise, he/she should kept it. If for whatsoever he/she can't fulfill it, an apology is a compulsory. But, it seemed that the educator always replaced "I'm sorry" with "I'm very busy today, can you come another time?" plus a fake smile.

He would love to erase that smile with a good smack. Smacks, if the needs arise.

Had he known that the meeting will be postponed again, he won't stand there patiently. Before he knew it, the skies were already dark. He sat supervising the ongoing construction. A task so complicated not a normal man can handle, yet still the society portray the construction as one of the lowest class job possible. He smiled, beaming that looks that every single of his workers understood. "If not us, who else?"

Above him the dark sky glittered and sparkled with thousands of stars hidden among the thick red clouds. The milky way was a broad, white path hidden behind the reddish sky. There was the twinkling star and another star which he noticed because it was so bright. He did not know its name but he felt dumb for not realizing it was a plane passing-by.

Here under the bright stars, while the bangla workers worked and sang, Suhu knew that his old well respected life was ended. But suddenly he knew, too, that he wanted the future, whatever it might hold, to be here in the workplace that he loved and not among the educated ones in an educated society.

it's been a while since he took shelter.


konnyaku said...


Gita Arimanda said...

kok aku bingung ya :(
jadi intinya apa?
sedih karena orang2 look down on construction worker ya hu?

dina.. said...

cieh gambarnya :p

*nunggu suhu ngapgred status di fb*

suhu said...


ga ada intinya git. sebuah posting yang diketik di bawah hujan sambil ngecor. coba nulis entry blog dalam keadaan demikian, bisa ada intinya gak?

ketar kayak anak kecil liat bku cuma liat gambarnya ga baca tulisannya. aku nunggu kamu ngapdet status mu dulu deh din.

PHY said...

suhu mau kawin ya? *asbak :D*

suhu said...

mau, kamu gak mau?

PHY said...

mau, tapi suhu kayaknya sudah siap banget gitu. kapan? XD

suhu said...

tunggu aja tanggal maennya.