Wednesday, February 04, 2009

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So I just happened to visit this website. And somehow, I decided to help.

Please visit so that you know what I'm talking about in the rest of the entry.

For the guys outta there, there are few lessons and morals of the story you can take from this website.

1. Love at the first sight, do exist. But normally, there is no second sight.
If you love a girl at the first sight, and you didn't express it right away, most probably you will miss her this life. Like this guy on Maybe next life, dude. But for those inexperienced guys, don't take the quick steps. Even if you manage to express your love at the first sight, there is no warranty there will be second sight. If you express it wrongly, you might be blinded. It's just simple connection between girls nowadays with pepper spray.

2.Love the lover, keep the friends.
Despite being totally straight, Suhu wants to remind you that friendship with the guys is equally important. Spending so much time with your better half does not necessarily sacrifice your time with your buddies. You won't know when you will need your friends. Because sometime your friends can help you doing brutally stupid things without asking single question. This dude on has one friend who can draw proportionally [I'm not specifically mentioning about the boobs' size] and another friends who has a credit card to pay on his behalf.

3. Be a man, do the right thing.
No matter how romantic you are, unusual ways of approaching girl are bound to have identified as creepy. But even if you are a stalker, if the girl find you attractive, both party win. I mean, in almost any case in this world, there will be more than one point of view. So, why bother what people say? Just be a man, do what you think is right. Don't listen to people who say you are creepy. Don't listen to people who say you are stalker. You are what you think you are. Unless you think you are God, you are most probably not.

4. The power of internet.

4a."Please help to make GIRLONBUS.COM known to as many people as possible"
Why China overpowered GLA and USA in C&C General Zero Hour? The reason being are greatness in numbers. By posting this website to the internet. This guy has amazingly alerted a handful of bo liao bloggers, who subsequently post some random updates containing his effort to see this girl.

4b."I'm contactable at"
By putting the email address over the internet, he managed to absorb all the information from the visitors. By putting new account inside of his own personal email address, he could easily back off anytime if he found more suitable candidate. Smartass.

If you saw the words on the bottom most of the page, then you will know what does it mean. Those words help him to be crawled by Search Engine like Google. By knowing the girl's interest, he's pushing his luck to the brighter side to include this few keywords.

5.Worth Fighting For
If you are the founder of . Good luck. I don't know whether this is the right thing to help you distribute this website. But from the effort, I think you think this girl is worth fighting for.

have found the girl worth fighting for.


dina.. said...

'have found the girl worth fighting for.'

anjrot, romantis banget hu.
master panda

nCy . vLa said...

gak bakal ketemu tuh kayanya cewenya...

suhu said...

tanpa mengurangi rasa hormat pada para jomblo yang belum menemukan.

someone did it, tho.