Thursday, January 03, 2008

Come Back to Life

Once a noble knight protecting his heart, the man was thrown into the darkness, where he was ripped apart over and over for few centuries few months. Now, has thrown him back onto the soil, corrupted and mindless, as Bhrosodaro, the Mighty Busodaro. He marches on, writing his blogs with an unfaltering gaze, knowing only one thing: the orders given to him by the darkness himself. Able to cripple his readers with a powerful magical keyboard, Bhrosodaro is a major threat on the blogosphere. His mighty mouse allows him and others in his presence to drain the concentration of their readers. It is said that he is unkillable, and those who are struck down by his blog post will never stop coming back for more.

Bhrosodaro is back.



*) Who is Bhrosodaro?
Salah satu orang yang bisa menertawakan dirinya sendiri. Bhrosodaro releases the suffers and misery inside of him, dealing intense laughter and distracting surrounding enemies while hurting Bhrosodaro as well.

mungkin Bhrosodaro pernah mati. Tapi dia punya 200 mana. Dan 140s Cooldown.

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