Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I Sense Danger - Part 5

My name is Suhu, the obese Panda. And right now one of my best friend, Alfonso The Psycho, and I are in a suspicious company. Our backs are up against the seats in the waiting room, cornered by our wildest fear, unemployment.

*OST Kisah di balik hutan bambu - sang by Marshanda Blink182* with Preview from previous episode.

-Few minutes earlier-

I guess you could say I'm having a bad hair day, and a bad head day, and a bad neck day, and a bad shoulder day, and a bad pretty much everything right down to my pinky toe day. I went to the company with Alfonso. Yeah, the same guy whose name is described as 'Fear' in the Kitty Throne. I think I annoyed him too much about how disturbed I am with the fact that my interviewer maybe more interested in my kidney than my attitude.

This work is physically demanding. Are you ready for the job?
I think so.
Do you have two kidneys?
err ... ya
OK, you're in.

We took cab. Somehow, I feel safe everytime Alfonso takes out the plastic knife from canteen 2 western food and sharpens it. But I don't think the cab driver uncle feel the same way.

Zhao an. Yao qu na~r?
OMFG Building.

The cab driver said nothing. His hand were trembling in fear once we mentioned our destination. We did not know why.

Finally, we reached the OMFG Building. What, you might ask yourself, would any sane Panda be doing in an abandoned building far from the civilization? A building so old, it's going to collapse from just one little noise, and a huge weird machine howling at us at the top of its lungs. Funny, I'm asking myself the same question. OMFG. Ordinary Manufacturer, Foundation, and Geotech. Could this company be my fate? No one knows until I stepped in. Both of us walked in to the glass door.

errr.... yea ..

I wrote my name. Remarks: Meeting Kristo. Then I handed in my form to the security guard. He read through my form.

errr.... yea ..
m-m-m-meeting Kristo.
p-p-p-please come in.

His voice changed. Just what kind of guy is this Kristo, when I mention his name all of his subordinates were trembling in fear. As I stepped closer to the glass door, I felt something is wrong. Really wrong. I sensed danger. Very near. At first, I thought I was dreaming, then I wished I was. But this was no dream, this was definitely a nightmare. Nevertheless, we have come here prepared to fight to the finish and that's exactly what we're gonna do.

I walked to the receptionist. Who turned out to be a creature from a forgotten age that brings terror and fear in the dark of night a guy with unusual form. The receptionist is a midget cute little gentleman.

Yo wa'chu wan from here?
I have an appointment with Kristo.
*The midget cute little gentleman pressed the phone.*
Kristo. He is here.
Send him to my office.
Fill in this form.

I filled in the form. And submitted it to him. He didn't even read it. He showed me the way to Kristo's office. "Off you go." Me and Alfonso walked the path to the staircase. But he shouted to Alfonso. "You! Stay!". Alfonso looked at me, nodded, implying he could handle the midget cute little gentleman alone. Then he grasped the plastic knife from canteen 2 western food inside his bag. I walked to Kristo's office firmly without looking back.

In less than 36.932 seconds, I reached Kristo's office. And in less than 3.27 seconds after I open the door, I realized that:

There are some things man was never meant to tamper with.


-To be continued-

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