Sunday, April 01, 2007

I Sense Danger - Part 3

You know, if there's one thing I've learned being a Civil Engineer, is to always expect the unexpected. But with all of our training, and all of our hard work, I'd like to think that we're ready for anything. But sometimes, the unexpected is just a little too ....


I called the general manager, Kristo, the next morning, as promised. He is a guy with a friendly voice. Too friendly. It went well, I asked about the job vacancy, he explained that the company needs more bloggers engineers. Sounds like a good opportunity to me. I told him that I will email my resume to let him consider first. And he told me, I am hired and expected to start report to work tomorrow resume and degree audit is not an issue. Hey! Finally, I found someone who have same mindset with me. No need resume, no need degree audit. I thought I found an ideal job. But somehow, I get the feeling it's about to get a whole lot worse.

I looked at these incredible search engine and the techno geek in me can't help thinking 'awesome.' But the paranoid soul in me can't help thinking 'fishy.'. It was a habit tgwinmg cultivate in me, to research every single details of a company before applying to the job. What amazed me is how Google can track the latest porn movie shown in my Windows Media Player most of the things, if not everything, happened to this company. And of course how big the company project is, in term of the scale and the coverage in Singapore. It is beyond awesome. It was, to be exact.

For a company so big, with that many valuable projects, it's definitely fishy if they don't have any website. Truth revealed itself as I explored the Google search result more. Now, its reputation is no longer awesome. reported that this company incurred loss in 2005. Its profit didn't even manage to cover their overhead cost. This OMFG company is also listed in, a website that listed down certain company's troubles. And another article that this particular company die oredi has been disbanded for good. Things were not good, and they're getting worse by the minute.

Okay. Calm down.

I've been worried a lot lately. For starters, I'm worried about not getting any job. I must pay my loan ... and it's tougher than ever. And ... when I got a job opportunity, I'm worried about the company. The company has no single evidence that it actually exists. Could these all be sort of hoax or something? But mostly ... I'm worried that my blog readers won't find me alive if I go to the interview. tgwinmg told me that I worry too much. Okay, you tell me. Should I be worried?

-To be continued-

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