Saturday, March 31, 2007

I Sense Danger - Part 2

A nervous voice picked up the phone. He was clearly unfamiliar with the language, English Singlish. A tone of hesitation and fear of making grammatical mistake, a tone that no foreigner can hide. Especially when he only stayed here for two weeks.

Hullo ... Kin's speaking. Who is this?
The name is Suhu.
So you are the one ...
I am. I am The One.
I heard you are graduating soon.
Yes, this is my final year.
Just call the general manager, wait I give you his number.
Before I apply I need to know about the job.
You can ask everything to the manager.
But there are things that could not be asked to the manager.
Such as?
Such as ... Who is the president of Samoa in 1967? How is the working environment there? Do you enjoy working there?

After a moment of silence, Kin answered all the questions with two amazingly generic answer. It's either "I don't know, I've been here only for two weeks" or the repetitive "You can ask the manager directly about it".

The obese Panda felt nothing is urgent at the moment. He spent the night watching National Discovery which reminded him of his homeland. And thought nothing about the job, as it was a job so unclear that he would not be interested.

The following day.

It was just another lazy evening in the journey of FYP survivor. As he flew through the sunny evening [yes, there are only four seasons in Singapore, namely hot, hotter, hottest, flood], he couldn't help but ponder: intelligence, reason, even simple thought. Most people take these things for granted. He did not. For he knew what it's like to be an advanced mind, trapped in the body of an obese Panda.

An orange flash from the laptop screen stole his attention. He intuitively pressed Alt + Tab several times, just like what anyone would do to get the message appear instantly. It was another message from Wei.

Suhu ...

A moment later, the obese Panda was invited to a MSN conference.

Kin, Suhu is here already.
Suhu here. 'sup?
There, Kin got something to tell you.
*silence for about 3 minutes 26.7 seconds.*
Ask your friend to call Kristo, my manager.
Kin! My friend is here lah. This is MSN conference.
His handphone number is 912345xx
Ok. I will save it to my phonebook.
He wants you to arrange an interview time.
He needs to know when you can start working.
But there is one problem.
*Kin has left the conversation.

I have not applied for the job, yet.

His mind was on a quest to parts unknown, and he was worried it could not find what it has been looking for. There must be a missing link in this puzzle. The obese Panda had applied for many jobs before. He had traveled far in this job searching path, to reach this boulevard of ideal job, only to find twenty of his job application vanishing into thin air. But twenty or twenty thousand, it mattered not for on this particular night. The obese Panda was driven by a riddle, a conundrum unfamiliar to him. Confused.

He expected some of the job applications he made would not lead him to an interview session. But, now, to arrange an interview session, when the application is yet to be made. Is a big yellow question mark. As he knew this perfect opportunity will come with a price. A price unknown to him. But what could he do? His time was not much. And there was nothing he would not do to secure a job. Even if it means... making a deal with the devil.

-To be continued-


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