Saturday, March 31, 2007

I Sense Danger - Part 1

It was nearing midnight. The obese Panda was sitting alone in front of his computer, his beloved l1t4_wfps. Yes, he is geek enough to name every single electronic device he owns. He was reviewing his research, finalize it to be a perfect report, and trying to suppress unpleasant memories of what had been a very long, tiring, and difficult year, there was not much space in his head for anything else. The more the obese Panda attempted to focus on the print on the page before him, the more he realized how much truth was in the message his best friend once told him.

Sleep deprivation is a ruthlessly effective means of torture.

Not long after this, the obese Panda, barely aware that he was soaked in sorrow and misery of final year project, pressed Alt + Tab. He was responding to the screen. An orange light was blinking in the darkness. He expected any message in MSN from his fellow final year survivor, which tells that this whole FYP thing is an April Fools' joke. It was true, the message came from his fellow FYP survivor, those who still alive after wincing in pain to carry on the task which they had all been entrusted.

You are from Civil Engineering course, aren't you?
Yes, Wei. I'm The Chosen One the only one of our kind. Is anything the matter that require my expertise?
Haven't found any job, have you?

His legs were trembling. He stumbled forward and sat down on the bed again, staring at his hands, his head bowed as though in prayer. This last mention of this sensitive issue had reminded him that there was something he had not done. Finding a job.

Yes .. yes .. I mean .. no .. I haven't found any.
Well, this could be your lucky day. Actually hor, I got an info about a job vacancy in ... but hor I myself also not sure leh, coz this info arh, I got from my fren one ...

Wei rattled on and on like a shotgun. She typed all the information in Mach speed. The obese Panda try to absorb as many information as he could. He scribbled, jotted down a note.

Wei's friend is employed in this company. About two weeks ago. Her friend's name is Kin. Kin is a fresh graduate from Indonesia. He's now working in that company as a site engineer. Not much information about him.

The Obese Panda decided to interrupt the massive flow of information from Wei. He typed his burning question.

Do you know about ..
Maybe you could ask him directly, I could invite him to MSN.
Kin has been invited to the conversation.
Just email
Hey there ... Can I ask you some question regarding the job?
Kin has left the conversation.

What's wrong with this guy? Attitude problem? Well, most likely, MSN problem.

I think his MSN got some problem.
Yeah, happens all the time.
How if I give you his contact number?
That would be better, if it's okay with him.
He said he dun mind.
Then ok lor

The obese Panda saved the 8-digit figure to his phonebook under the name Kin. And he pressed the green button right below the handphone screen.

The obese Panda looked at the screen. The image onscreen revealed the name Kin.


Few kilometers to the east, a phone was ringing. The guy. asleep in his small bed, he awoke to the shrill of his telephone. Tiredly, he lifted the receiver. He received the phone call.

Hullo ... Kin's speaking. Who is this?

-To be continued-

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